Safety & Security Film  
The Invisible Force
We offer a range of Safety and Security films to suit the various needs of the market for different levels of protection. The thickness is the key design feature separating this range from the basic films. The film is made with layers of polyester film bonded by special adhesives and impregnated with ultraviolet inhibitors. Solar safety and security films also contain high performance metals and alloys which enhance their heat rejection properties and making their performance exceptional.


Holds Shattered Glass
All safety and security films provide a safety factor through the unique adhesive bond to the glass. Even the thinnest film will form a tough barrier which will hold shattered glass in place.
Resistance to Ultraviolet Rays
All films are enhanced with special ultraviolet inhibiting agents through a process developed by our manufacturers. Our safety and security films reject up to 99% of the sun's damaging radiation in the UV band to dramatically reduce fading and deterioration behind exterior glass.
Protection Against Flying Glass
Broken glass, flying fragments, a compromised building envelope all spell trouble for property owner. Unprotected windows leave you vulnerable to damage from vandals, burglars and civil disturbances. No film can guarantee 100% protection against natural disasters or criminals ... but safety and security films can dramatically reduce damage and injury from these hazards.
Energy Savings
Safety and security films are well known for their energy efficiency. Included in the range are combination films which provide the high heat rejection properties of the most energy efficient films with the added degree of protection safety films offer.

Durable Scratch Resistant Surface
Safety and security films are all available with SR coating. The industry's toughest and most durable coating for polyester films, crystal clear SR assures care-free maintenance with most conventional methods of window cleaning.